About Us

Perseverance. Power. Passion.

MStar Distribution is a company born out of necessity. The need to ensure the South African bodyboarding scene has access to the products they need, and the products they want.

At the tail end of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, South African Grom Mika Justino made MStar Distribution public. Expensive imported products coupled with unreliable shipping times, has seen MStar Distribution step up and provide a solution for riders within the country. 

Almost two years of product development, research and sourcing has led to this point where MStar Distribution is delivering on their primary mission - Design, source and produce quality, high performance bodyboarding gear easily accessible to the South African scene.

MStar Distribution provides a range of locally produced and imported product options to ensure all South African bodyboarders have the gear they need. Mika and the team at MStar Distribution have their ears to the ground, listening, and most importantly responding to the needs and wants of the bodyboarding community.

All the products are tested personally by Mika and the MStar Distribution team riders to ensure the quality and, most importantly, the performance is of the highest level.

MStar Distribution is proudly a bodyboarding company.