Bruce Donkin

Bruce Donkin

Bruce Donkin

Age: 36 years old

How long you been bodyboarding: Started bodyboarding in the 90's and been bodyboarding for over 20 years. Bodyboarding has always been a massive passion of mine and the love for the ocean has not stopped over all these years. 

What you love: Free surfing all the swells that hit our coastline and loved pushing myself and others in heavy conditions. Be it cyclone season or winter season, I really enjoy riding and testing myself. I really love the sport and watching others grow is always a lekker thing! 

Achievements: In 2015, I made the Men's division for the KZN team and came 3rd in the finals at SA Champs in the Men's division. Also the Lizzard Classic for Men's division I got a 3rd place.

Life motto for Bodyboarding is 'If you don't go, you won't know!' 


Rossi Bodyboards, Lapa Side, Dragon Energy Drink, MStar Distribution 



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